Win FAME and FORTUNE in Alís 2017 National Fishing Contest

Go fishing with Alís products and WIN Fame & Fortune. Just like the Kardashianís except you actually do something to achieve it!

The contest is very simple- Fish the Goldfish, Living Lure, Helgy, 49er or Sebago rigs, then take pictures or videos of your smiling mugs and send them in. Thatís it!

What you can win


Be featured in Alís 2018 catalog as an angler of the year. Yup, weíll put you in our full color catalog we will issue in late 2017 including your picture and a bio about your fishing dominance.

Talk about bragging rights!


$100 of free product from Alís and an Alís Goldfish retro hat.

Free stuff rocks and youíll get a bunch.

Where to fish:

Anywhere you like to

What to fish for:

Whatever you want. Chances are if there are fish in the area theyíll hammer the Goldfish

When does the contest run:

January 1 2017 to July 31 2017

How to participate:

  1. Go fishing with any of the Alís Goldfish, Alís Living Lures, Alís Helgy, Alís 49er or Sebago rigs.
  2. Take pictures or videos of your catches
  3. Submit on our Facebook page, Upload to YouTube, and send us a link or email them to

How winners are selected:

The president of Alís will review all material submitted and select 2 winners at a minimum. Intent is to select a youth winner and an adult winner. Selection will be made on considering the following

  1. Is the lure clearly seen in the image, preferably in the fishes mouth
  2. Are you in the picture and smiling
  3. Anything else that may be creative