“Proven Versatility” is our catchphrase because our products have proven effective at catching a wide variety of fish species since 1952.  The Goldfish is a multipurpose lure that can be used in both freshwater and saltwater to catch a variety of fish species such as trout, salmon, panfish, muskie, pike, pickerel, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, perch, striper, bluefish, redfish, albies, black sea bass…you get the idea.  This is why anglers love our company and our products and keep coming back for more, 67 years and counting.  One lure does it all, really.



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If you’re a new customer or a long-time customer, you might wonder who the team is working behind the scenes to keep these American-made products on the market and in your tackle box.  Before we tell you about us, if you aren’t completely familiar with the company and its 67-year history, check out the page dedicated to the history of Al’s Goldfish Lure Company…its good stuff.


About us.  We’re Mandy and Jeff, married people who decided to drop out of the corporate machine and be our own bosses.  We used to work in the highly regulated and structured industry of nuclear waste remediation, and decided manufacturing fishing tackle would be a lot more fun since our shared passion is angling.  The last place we called home was in South Carolina, and we moved to Maine to operate the business (if you haven’t been to Maine, put it on your bucket list).  We can tell you that while this industry is funner to work in, we fish far less now than we ever did before. While you’re on the water enjoying opening day, we’re in the shop making lures and other tackle.


Why Al’s Goldfish?  People always ask us why we chose to buy Al’s Goldfish Lure Company specifically, and the simple answer is that this product is the real deal and we believe in it.  With a 67-year history, this product is no gimmick.  Once we were introduced to the company, we used these lures ourselves and were easily convinced that they out-perform anything else we had used before.  We were also impressed with the fact that these products are made in the USA, and many Americans are part of the supply chain that provides our components.  While it may be difficult for our products to compete with the price of products manufactured overseas, we are convinced our products will outcompete those options in quality and performance, and anglers can appreciate a high-quality, American made product. 

We get to interface with the greatest number of our customers at fishing expos, and it is no lie to tell you that dozens of times a day we will hear a customer say something about the Goldfish along the lines of “this is the best lure ever made”, “if nothing else works, I use a Goldfish and I’ll catch something”, “this lure will catch anything”… I wish you could work in the booth with us to hear this stuff because it confirms what we’re saying and you wouldn’t wonder if it’s all just a sales pitch.


The rest of the team.  Besides us, our team consists of two part-time employees and an intern, and our three dogs who come to work with us every day.  A lot of people think that would be pretty awesome to have their fur-pals with them at work, but it’s a little overrated when you consider that they give our UPS man Gary (who happens to be a saint!) a hard time.  People who know us tell us it’s important to talk about our employees, who are living with disabilities.  We don’t find the fact that we employ people with challenges to employment as something we’ve done that’s a special reflection on us, but we do feel like our values are validated by the quality work they do, and their dedication to their jobs – we very much appreciate our employees!  Speaking of our values…below is a list of things important to us.

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We value:

·            Jesus, for our blessings and the example of unconditional love

·            Veterans and active duty service members, for our freedom and their sacrifice

·            Friends and customers of all backgrounds, races, orientations and abilities – we don’t care what you look like, where you came from, what your gender is, who you love, or what you can/can’t do – what matters is, do you like to fish?  J

·            Products made in the USA, which keeps Americans in our supply chain employed

·            An honest sale.  If your purchase fails beyond the normal wear and tear that happens to a product you are literally throwing as far away from yourself as it will go, let us know; we will make it right

·            Genuine, well-intended feedback




Our Products.  All of our lures are made of solid marine brass, are plated by a jewelry-plater, and are hand-painted.  All of the gold lures are plated in 22k gold, which makes them super shiny.  We finish them with top quality components - don’t go home and put new hooks and rings on these out of the package – not necessary!


·         The Goldfish is our flagship product, and is well known among older generations who were brought up with the Goldfish as their first lure.  The Goldfish comes in several weights and colors/patterns for both fresh and salt water, but what’s really magic about it is the action.  It’s a wobbling spoon, and it attracts fish because it looks like food moving through the water when you retrieve it.  You can also jig the Goldfish, and it will flutter and flash on the drop.  



We also produce three other spoons that are Al’s originals – meaning they have also been around for the past 60+ years, but as good as they are on their own, they’ve lived in the shadow of the Goldfish and haven’t been marketed as strongly.  These lures are also very good spoons, and we have customers who prefer them.

·         The 49’er is a good casting spoon, but we really like to use it as a trolling spoon.  Some of our customers jig with it too.  We catch a lot of trout and smallmouth bass on this lure, and pickerel and panfish like it too.  We had a fishing guide tell us he thinks the 49er is better than the Goldfish! 



·         The Helgy has its own cult following of anglers that is steadily growing as more people give it a try.  The Helgy is styled to look like the Helgrammite, which is the larval stage of the Dobson Fly and lives in the water.  Personally we like the black Helgy, but most anglers choose the plated versions, or the bright chartreuse.  Trout and smallmouth really like this spoon. 



 ·         The Water Witch…the Water Witch has a funky shape that gives it a very pronounced wobble when retrieved and a wide flutter when jigged.  Not many anglers have tried the Water Witch, but those who have like it and use it in both gold and nickel.




Al’s Goldfish also has a variety of accessories.

·         Hook Bonnets are hook covers that work on both treble and single hooks.  Ours are the only hook covers made in the USA, and people who use them say they are the best covers on the market because they don’t fall off your hook.  They come in three sizes, fitting a range of hook sizes.  Keep your tackle box tidy, your seats intact and your hands protected with our hook bonnets! 



·         Add some flash to your bait with our Sebago Trolling Rig.  Our blades are like our lures – made in the USA of solid brass which is plated in either nickel or 22k gold, and polished for the highest shine.  You won’t find another blade on the market like the large Sebago. These rigs are made of detachable sections which allows you to customize your rig and troll at different depths - all with one product. 








Our Commitment.  If your purchase fails beyond the normal wear and tear that happens to a product you are literally throwing as far away from yourself as it will go, let us know; we will make it right.  If you talk to us, you’ll find that we stand behind what we say about these products and we want you to have the best experience with them!


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