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The Al's Goldfish Fishing Lures

The Original Al's Goldfish was named "One of the Best 50 Fishing lures of All Time" by Field & Stream magazine because of its long history of catching trout, walleye, and pickerel. It has been a must have fishing lure in every tackle box for over 67 years. Our lures are made with top quality hooks and rings, so they are ready to fish straight out of the package. If you want a fishing lure with proven action, that catches more fish, then you need look no further than the Al's Goldfish.

  • Classics

    The "Classic" Goldfish lures represent a core selection of colors and patterns that are most popular with anglers.  We have a lot of options for the angler looking for the "just right" color or pattern, but if that overwhelms you, these core colors are a sure bet to bring you success with a variety of species.
  • Saltwater Goldfish

    The Saltwater Goldfish has some weight to it and a hook to match. As is the case with all of Al's Goldfish lures, we say "Cast it, Troll it, Jig it!", because this lure is effective in many different applications. When casting, use the 3/4 oz for when you're on top of the fish and the 1-1/4 oz when you need to cast past the breakers. Troll slowly (about two knots plus or minus) with at least three feet of leader. Alternatively, jig it off the bottom and let the famous Goldfish catch the attention of bottom-dwellers.
  • Northern Edition

    The Northern Edition Goldfish is just as effective as the original, it's just BIGGER.  These Goldfish come in three weights (1/2 oz, 3/4 oz, or 1-1/4 oz) and come with the option of a 1/0 treble hook, or a 3/0 single J hook.  Use these lures for those big freshwater fish like bass, lake trout, pike, muskie, and walleye.
  • Al's Living Lures

    Al's Living Lures are the original Goldfish with a tough, chip-resistant, high-resolution image of real baitfish on both sides of the lure.  Now you can match the hatch and target the food source of the day.